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The Return of the Mullet: A Journey Through Time & Style

The mullet, once considered a relic of previous eras, has made a surprising return to the world of fashion. This iconic hairstyle, characterized by short hair on the front and sides and long hair in the back, has a rich history and a modern resurgence worth exploring.

The History of the Mullet

The mullet is not a recent invention; its roots trace back to ancient times. The earliest recorded evidence of a mullet-like haircut dates to the Roman Empire. Soldiers wore their hair short in the front to keep it out of their eyes during battle while allowing it to grow long in the back for warmth and protection. Similarly, many Native American tribes sported variations of the mullet for both practical and cultural reasons.

The term “mullet” itself gained prominence in the late 20th century, popularized by the Beastie Boys’ song “Mullet Head” in 1994. However, it was in the 1980s that the mullet became a cultural phenomenon, sported by rock stars, athletes, and everyday people. Celebrities like David Bowie, Billy Ray Cyrus, and even Patrick Swayze took on the mullet, embedding it deeply into the pop culture of the time. Did you live through this time and rocked a mullet?

Evolution of the Mullet

The mullet’s popularity drifted away in the 90s and early 2000s, as it became a symbol of outdated fashion. However, the fashion industry is cyclical, and what was once out of style often finds its way back. The evolution of the mullet has been influenced by various subcultures and fashion movements over the years.

In the 2010s, the mullet began to reappear in underground fashion circles and alternative subcultures. Influenced by a sense of irony and nostalgia, young people started adopting the mullet as a statement of individuality and rebellion against mainstream fashion norms. Social media platforms, particularly Instagram and TikTok, played a crucial role in the hairstyle’s resurgence. Influencers and celebrities began showcasing modern takes on the mullet, blending it with contemporary styles and trends.

The Comeback!

Several factors contributed to the mullet’s comeback:

One of the reasons for the comeback is that the 80s and 90s have become a source of nostalgic inspiration for fashion and culture. Millennials and Gen Z, who did not experience these decades firsthand, have embraced the aesthetics and styles of those eras. Celebrity Influence from high-profile figures like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and soccer star Neymar have sported mullets in recent years, bringing the hairstyle back into the spotlight. Their influence has been pivotal in making the mullet cool again. The mullet represents a break from conventional beauty standards. At Pino’s Salon we can definitely vouch for this, since theres something about a none-blended haircut that gives us a sense of incomplete hair cut. In a world where conformity is often expected, the mullet stands out as a symbol of individuality and nonconformity. This is riding heavy on the younger generations looking to express their uniqueness. Lastly, as if I wouldn’t bring up the biggest tool of “spreading the good word” – Social Media. TikTok and Instagram have a big part of bringing this trend back in style.

Modern Mullet Styles You Can Try

Today’s mullet is not a mere replica of its 1980s predecessor. Modern mullets come in various styles and variations, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Some popular modern mullet styles include:

  • The Soft Mullet: A more subtle and less extreme version, with gentle layers and a less pronounced contrast between the front and back lengths.
Soft Mullet
  • The Shag Mullet: Combines the mullet with shaggy layers for a tousled, rock-and-roll look.
  • The Fashion Mullet: High-fashion versions often seen on runways, featuring sharp lines and dramatic contrasts, often paired with bold hair colours.
  • The Undercut Mullet: Incorporates an undercut on the sides, blending elements of contemporary and classic styles.

Spring/Summer 2024 Hair Trends 

Spring/Summer 2024 Hair Trends

Pino’s Salon is back with our Spring/Summer 2024 featured hair trends!

We have carefully selected what stands out to us as the trends kept popping up on Tik-Tok, the runway at Milan Fashion Week and even close to us in Montreal!

Don’t miss out on our feature promotion for April, where the first 5 people to post a selfie of their “Scandi hairline” or “money piece” and tag @pinos.salon on Instagram will be gifted a travel size Hairspray from Kaaral. Keep reading to find out more!


Its hard not to run into fashion trends on Tik-Tok when their algorithms are basically build for our industry to thrive on. Running into The Scandi Hairline trend was also not by accident and you’ve probably already seen it popping up here and there. With over 100 million views, this trend was bound to hit the salons.

To achieve this look, the technique involves lightening the front hairline by at least two shades lighter. Specifically targeting the baby hairs and the hairline along the forehead, creating a subtle yet impactful effect.

By lightening the front hairline and creating at least a different of 2 shades lighter is how you achieving this look. The Scandi Hairline involves colouring just the baby hairs and forehead hairline. This gives your face a softer frame as if you had this done by the sun. You can create this with a dark base to accentuate the blonde in a bold way. For more of a “Scandinavia” type of look, you can go light all over and create a platinum Scandi.

Some would say that this is a spin-off from the “money piece” trend, where it is the general idea of lightening your hair with suitable colours to compliment skin tones and features. Be sure to ask your hair colourists for their suggestion on The Scandi Hairline for you!

Scandi 1 Canva
Scandi 2 Canva
Scandi Hairline 3


The never out-of-style bob continues with a Italian flair! The twist is that your chin-length bob, more sleek and blunt, gets a softer finish. With multi layers flowing to the front, the sharp corners don’t exist and therefore makes it perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle. Worn by Penelope Cruz, Hailey Bieber and showcased on the popular HBO show White Lotus (season 2), this hairstyle promotes summer evenings enjoying a Spritzer over looking the Sicilian coast.

Italian Bob
Italian Bob


Shot in Montreal for Summer 2024, Lindsay Guzman of Elle.b Savvy expresses the bold primary colours in this collection. Industry style proposals showcase abstract styles that share passion. The Ethereal Chroma is no exception, “In a world saturated with ordinary, a captivating fusion of audacious hues and delicate textures emerges to challenge the status quo.” presents Lindsay. The masterful blend of daring reds, vivid blues, and brilliant yellows, joining plush fabrics, draped cuts, and soft silhouettes. She always explains, “I wanted to challenge conventional perceptions of colour and texture to push the boundaries of visual storytelling.” These proposals are not common for our clients to request on the daily but very enjoyable to view since they act as inspiration for future hair colouring ideas.

Ethereal Chroma 1
Ethereal Chroma 3
Ethereal Chroma 2

Our New Space



Dear clients and friends,


We have finally moved and settled into our new home at 1458 Weber Street East, Kitchener!

What makes this move special is the fact that we haven’t just relocated, we have become a part of an already vibrant and creative space with Teknik Salon.

We have joined with our friends at Teknik Salon, blending our unique styles, skills, and philosophies to create an even richer environment of beauty and care.

As always, you’ll find the comforting presence of our team, now amplified by the dynamic energy of both salons sharing one space.

In addition, the merger of our talents with the aesthetic ambiance of our common space has created a location that radiates style and creativity. Such chic décor, soothing lighting, and comfortable furnishings combine to create a space where you can relax and allow our skilled professionals to work their magic.

Further, to mark this new chapter in our journey, we will be hosting an amazing giveaway, and the prize is a spectacular stand-up board! This summer, you could be gliding through the great outdoors! It’s the perfect way to embrace the spirit of adventure.

Participating inthe giveaway is as easy as going to the salon and scanning the QR code at the front desk. You will also join the giveaway on our Instagram (@pinos.salon) by following the instructions.

This new chapter at 1458 Weber Street East isn’t just about us—it’s about you.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our new location. See you soon, and thank you for your continued support.

Warm regards,

Your Salon Team at 1458 Weber Street East, Kitchener

We Are Moving!

We’re Moving!


There are some bitter sweet moments in life and this is definitely one of them. Luckily, our relocation is much sweeter than bitter. We will be moving our salon location to the other side of Weber street in Kitchener at 1458 Weber St. E. The space is fully move in ready for us to continue to do what we love, hair!

Thank you!

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patronage and support over the past 22 years at 70 Victoria street. We will always cherish the memories we’ve made together there and we look forward to creating new ones with you at our new location:

1458 Weber St. E. Kitchener

Start Date: May 16th 2023

Farewell to our Spa

It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the closure of our Medi Spa once we move to our new location. It has been an honor to serve the community and provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for all of our clients. As we bid farewell to our spa, we carry with us the memories that we have been able to provide. We hope that you will continue to prioritize your self-care and wellness in the future. 

Appointments & Scheduling

All of our appointments and scheduling will stay the exact same along with our phone number (519) 578-8898), email, and business name.

50% off Moroccanoil and Olaplex!

We will ONLY be carrying Kaaral and Kashmir at our new location. This means we have all Moroccanoil and Olaplex products at 50% off regular price until everything is gone. We also have this 50% off deal on all of our skin care products and nail polishes. (Alumier, Zoya, Gehwol, ect…).

Pino's Salon New Location


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Our FREE Classic Manicure promotion is back based on popular demand!

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The Restructuring Facial  is a result oriented facial that uses our medical grade skin care line, Alumier MD, to help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted! Whether you are concerned with pigmentation, acne, or aging, this facial is for you. Included in this hour facial, you will enjoy an aromatic compress, exfoliation with steam, extractions, a relaxing massage, and a soothing mask. Treat yourself to either a scalp or hand massage while your mask revitalizes your skin. Finish this facial with products tailored to your skins’ specific needs leaving you feeling restored and renewed.

With either promotion you choose, the FREE Classic Manicure (regularly $50) is just what we need for staying north or flying south! The manicure includes a herbal soak, cuticle cleaning, buffing, shaping, moisturizing massage and a beautiful polish application.

These promotions will be available until March 31 so call in to reserve your appointment with Jessica or Anita. Better yet, come in with a friend and enjoy your services together with a glass of Prosecco!

To reserve your appointment please call in (5195788898) or email reception at reception@pinosalon.com