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From simple grey root touch ups to brilliant platinum silvers, we take care of our clients’ colour needs in a way that suits them best!


With many honours in hair colouring, Pino inspires his team to create the perfect look for you! Since there are many techniques we use to achieve certain colour styles we are sharing with you our Hair Colouring Terms below in order for you to understand our the beautiful world of colouring!


Ombré comes from the French word “shadow”. Although, the industry defines it as the transition or blending of one colour to the next. Ombré is the “look” and balayage is the technique. In most cases the root colour transitions from dark to light in a solid effect. This style generally works best for brunettes since it is not a subtle blend. The more subtle look would be a sombré (a soft ombré) in which the roots usually a blonde base. Ombré also exists in many other forms of decorative colour (fashion, baking, interior decorating,).


Balayage is another french term that means “to sweep”. It is a technique we use to apply colour or lightener to the hair using a sweeping/stroking motion to create a very subtle blend towards the lighter colour on the ends. Balayage is much more natural looking because not all the hair is coloured through to your ends in a solid effect like an ombré would. Most of the time the objective is to achieve a sun-kissed highlight look throughout. This also means that it is a longer lasting colour that needs less maintenance.


The foilage technique is essentially a balayage application but with foils to achieve a higher blonding affect. When applying a colour with this technique, the colour will have added brilliance with the foils.


Babylights are applied using a balayage technique to mimic the subtle, dimensional hair colour seen on children’s hair. We also use a the term “money piece” which is when babylights are applied at the front framing the face. There is much less hair strands coloured than traditional highlights and the result is beautiful dimensional blonde on blonde looks!

Hair Painting

This technique is used in a balayage sweeping motion but completely free handed with no sectioning. Performed on a table or flat surface where the hair is laid down on and painted strategically. The hair painting method is used by those who have a special eye or vision on where the highlighted pieces will be seen when the hair is dryed and styled.

Money Piece

Inspired by the 90’s colouring trends, the money piece is a bright frame around the front hairline personalized with a foiling or hand painting technique. The money piece lifts your complexion, makes your colour pop, and gives a simple yet striking finish. The strands of hair go right into the root area around the hairline. Although it might seem like the money piece adopted its name base on the technique, it actually refers to the time-saving and cost-effective process of hair colouring.