1458 Weber St. East Kitchener, ON

Hair Colouring

Step into a world where your hair becomes a canvas, and our colorists, led by Pino Cherubino, are the artists of hair colouring. With an unwavering dedication to tailoring each hue to your unique essence, we consider every facet of your being – from the subtle undertones of your skin to the depth of your eye colour.

Our signature approach to balayage transcends technique. As a result, our talented colorists are in constant demand, coveted for their skill and intuitive understanding of individual beauty.

We meticulously source from top-tier suppliers, ensuring that every pigment and formulation meets the highest standards of quality. For those with sensitivities, we offer a unique organic range, providing a gentle yet effective solution for vibrant, healthy hair.

 Welcome to a realm where every shade tells a story, and every client is a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.

colour palette