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Spring/Summer 2024 Hair Trends

Pino’s Salon is back with our Spring/Summer 2024 featured hair trends!

We have carefully selected what stands out to us as the trends kept popping up on Tik-Tok, the runway at Milan Fashion Week and even close to us in Montreal!


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Its hard not to run into fashion trends on Tik-Tok when their algorithms are basically build for our industry to thrive on. Running into The Scandi Hairline trend was also not by accident and you’ve probably already seen it popping up here and there. With over 100 million views, this trend was bound to hit the salons.


To achieve this look, the technique involves lightening the front hairline by at least two shades lighter. Specifically targeting the baby hairs and the hairline along the forehead, creating a subtle yet impactful effect.


By lightening the front hairline and creating at least a different of 2 shades lighter is how you achieving this look. The Scandi Hairline involves colouring just the baby hairs and forehead hairline. This gives your face a softer frame as if you had this done by the sun. You can create this with a dark base to accentuate the blonde in a bold way. For more of a “Scandinavia” type of look, you can go light all over and create a platinum Scandi. 

Some would say that this is a spin-off from the “money piece” trend, where it is the general idea of lightening your hair with suitable colours to compliment skin tones and features. Be sure to ask your hair colourists for their suggestion on The Scandi Hairline for you!



The never out-of-style bob continues with a Italian flair! The twist is that your chin-length bob, more sleek and blunt, gets a softer finish. With multi layers flowing to the front, the sharp corners don’t exist and therefore makes it perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle. Worn by Penelope Cruz, Hailey Bieber and showcased on the popular HBO show White Lotus (season 2), this hairstyle promotes summer evenings enjoying a Spritzer over looking the Sicilian coast.

Italian Bob
Italian Bob



Shot in Montreal for Summer 2024, Lindsay Guzman of Elle.b Savvy expresses the bold primary colours in this collection. Industry style proposals showcase abstract styles that share passion. The Ethereal Chroma is no exception, “In a world saturated with ordinary, a captivating fusion of audacious hues and delicate textures emerges to challenge the status quo.” presents Lindsay. The masterful blend of daring reds, vivid blues, and brilliant yellows, joining plush fabrics, draped cuts, and soft silhouettes. She always explains, “I wanted to challenge conventional perceptions of colour and texture to push the boundaries of visual storytelling.” These proposals are not common for our clients to request on the daily but very enjoyable to view since they act as inspiration for future hair colouring ideas.