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Winter is the absolute best time of year to target brown spots, rosacea and rejuvenate dull gray looking skin. Even if you’re just looking for an overall improvement in skin tone, texture and reduction in pore size, NOW is the time to start treatments. So how can you use the winter months to improve your skin? With Pino’s medispa AFT photofacial treatments!

Our photofacial technology treatment uses high intensity pulses of light to
treat a variety of skin conditions including brown spots, skin redness,
rosacea, broken capillaries and uneven skin tone.  The light targets the surface of your skin to effectively eliminate the unwanted discolorations.

The treatments are quick and require little or no down time.
It’s normal for your skin to feel tight or like a sun burn for a few
hours after treatment.  It is particularly important to stay out of the sun between treatments in order to prevent further brown spots from appearing.
Wearing a sun block of at least 25 or higher will further protect your
skin during treatment.  Winter months are ideal for photofacial therapy because there is less sun exposure to the skin.  Usually, within a few hours after treatment
your brown spots will darken but over the next 1-2 weeks the dark spots
gradually fade or flake off.