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Liquid Keratin Professional Smoothing Treatment is known for being the first customizable salon smoothing treatment. Whether you would like a more drastic transformation or just a small change to remove a bit a frizz, we can do that! We can leave you with as much or as little curl as you desire. This treatment can penetrate the hair so well that it can repair damage that was caused by any chemical processes or external aggressors (UV rays, wind, and humidity). This treatment will smooth, reduce volume, enhance shine, and strengthen your hair.


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Our testimonials:

“My hair was so dry and frizzy and I’ve really damaged it over the years with excessive flat ironing. Now it feels amazing and I went from 40 minutes of blow-drying and flat ironing to 12 minutes with a paddle brush with no flat iron. Thrilled. Thanks Bruno”

“Best thing I’ve done…Love it!! Thanks Pino J”