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Relieve pain and heal injuries! Healing through touch to relieve pain can be traced back centuries to ancient times. Specifically back to 460 B.C. when the “Father of Medicine”, Hippocrates, first made mention of it. The earliest written accounts of massage therapy were discovered in Egypt and China through tomb paintings. Reflexology is also a method of the Egyptians. Reflexology is a practice that targets specific zones in the body by applying pressure to the feet in order to help relieve tension/cure ailments in those targeted zones.

The History

Massage therapy began its revival throughout the early part of the 20th Century. Massage was used to treat patients involved in World war one that suffered from nerve injury or shell shock. During the 1920’s, people saw massage as a tool. Therefore, massage was adapted by the wealthy and unfortunately for people involved in the sex trade. Therefore, in the 20th Century it became known the way that it is today. A scientific practice whose focus is on disease prevention through maintaining wellness. After experiencing resurgence in modern times, massage therapy became respected as a holistic healing method. This reliever is practiced across the world. Massage can heal injuries, relieve pain, prevent and cure illnesses, reduce stress and produce deep relaxation.

Protect Yourself

Massage incorporates stroking, pressing, squeezing and striking to manually treat physical issues. This will relieve pain and heal injuries. It consists primarily of hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. Also, the muscles, connective tissues, ligaments and joints. By receiving a massage treatment at least once a month, you can protect yourself and your body from a number of ailments. You can prevent headaches, muscle tension, and backaches. You can alleviate the symptoms associated with pregnancy and increase joint flexibility. Also, enhance immunity by stimulating lymph drainage and increase your sleeping patterns by de-stressing. Massage also reduces insomnia while lowering your blood pressure levels. With the soothing effects that massage brings and you can improve your posture.

Heal Yourself

Massage is a great way to show someone that you care about them! Send them for a Valentine’s Day treat of a 60 minute registered massage, and help them de-stress today!

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