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Catch me Instagram Live on Thursday evening at 6pm sharp for a quarantine beard sacrifice!

I really didn’t know how long I was going to grow out my beard. Until this morning when I saw myself in the mirror:
 “If I let this go any longer I’m going to look like James Harden” OR… My girlfriend will wax it off in my sleep. The main purpose was to grow the beard for a video demonstration. The tutorial will give the guys at home a little hope for getting out of this quarantine without looking like they came out of a cave. I will go through two different beard style/lengths at 6pm Thursday May 14th. The first style length will be for the guys that would like to keep a lengthy shape to their beard. The second will be for the shorter clean cut looks like Drake in 2012.
Shaving on a mans face can be irritating and a lot of guys flair up after. To help your skin feel less irritated it is best to shave after a shower. The hot water from the shower will help open your skin and give your blades a much smoother cut. Another good tip is to rinse your face with cool/cold water after you are done shaving. An aftershave/moisturizing cream will help as well. Beard oil for the lumberjacks.

Since us guys like easy convenience I will be using a 3 in 1 product from Människan to shampoo and condition our hair/beard. The third piece is that you can use this as a body wash as well! Not to mention your girl will be all over you for the Människan scent…

Before I see you on Thursday there are a few things you will need:

Människan Grooming roducts

(Not all of these items are necessary for everyones grooming style) All the Människan products can be purchased through the following: